The Team

Floppy Club is a small Copenhagen-based indie game company dedicated to producing games and interactive experiences with a strong focus on audio and music.

The company was founded by Asger Strandby & Niels Böttcher in 2019.

Currently we have all our focus on the music-based puzzle game Rytmos.
A premium game for mobile platforms, PC and Switch.

Niels Böttcher
Project management, sound design

Sound design on games such as
Play-doh Touch, Returner 77, Youropa, LEGO Super Mario and more.

Has worked for clients such as ustwo, SONY, Hasbro, Danish Radio, fantastic Yes and more.

Lecturer at Sonic College (a BA degree in Sound design).

Owner of Jenka Music.

Asger Strandby
Gamedesign, programming

Has worked on games such as Max and the Magic Marker, Max and Curse of Brotherhood, Kalimba, WHAT THE GOLF? and more.

10 years experience working
in the games industry.

Niels Fyrst
Art direction, graphic design

Has worked on projects with clients such as DR, TV2, Sony, Triband, e-Types, Advice, Kuntrapunkt, LEGO and more.

Guest lecturer at Danish School of Media and Journalism and Scandinavian Design College.